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Assessment of Student Profiles

  • Assessment of Student Profiles:

    • Academic Processing
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Client Background checks
    • Financial Information
    • Culture Fit

    Academic Processing

    • We sort and filter the top academic students from various backgrounds. We identify the consistently top performers who can succeed and thrive in challenging academic environments

    Extracurricular Activities

    • We want to connect students who have an enriched background in various extracurricular activities and community services. We find those who're passionate about things beyond academics and give them an environment where they can continue pursuing those.

    Client Background checks

    • We want to ensure that every student processed by us are upstanding members of the community they are a part of. To verify that, we do a criminal background check. This also helps us in ensuring a smooth visa process.

    Financial Information

    • We work with the universities and the student families to evaluate their financial ability to support the student's tuition and living expenses. We also help them in preparing a payment process to guarantee efficient financial payment procedure.

    Culture Fit

    • We only connect those students who are poised to move to a new country and adapt to their culture, the new environment, & assimilate & flourish socially, professionally & academically. So we hold interview sessions to find out more about their personalities to find the right culture fit for them.