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Study in Cyprus from Bangladesh

Cyprus is located in the south of Turkey on an island in theMediterranean Sea just after Sardinia, it is also close to Sicily. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Universities in Cyprus have extremely low and affordable tuition fees. More than 63,000 university students from over 131 different countries are currently enrolled in twelve major universities in Cyprus. If you desire education with nice and conducive environment where you can also meet different people from different culture, then you should consider studying in Cyprus.

Education in Cyprus:

  • Cyprus spends more than 7% of its GDP on education, the third-highest share in the European Union after Denmark and Sweden.
  • Not surprisingly, the most popular disciplines offered by universities in Cyprus are Hospitality Business and Tourism, although the list of all available programs is by no means limited to these ones.
  • Although Cyprus is a member of the EU and the Bologna system, most schools and colleges are based on the American system of education, which gives students the opportunity to choose their academic load and vary their course.
  • It has a positive impact both on students leisure time and tuition fee, as the fewer subjects you study, the less you pay.
  • the cost of education in Cyprus is accessible, and although it grows annually, this increase correlates to the inflation index. On average, tuition fees range between 3,400 and 8,000 EUR/year, or at around 314 EUR/module.

Available Program:
  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • PhDs 

Part Time Work Opportunity: 20 hours/week.
Easy PR: Job offer post degree completion + 5 years of work permit stay.


  • The exam and course structure are beneficial to students.
  • Cyprus has cheap accommodation and attractive facilities.
  • Great universities in Cyprus to choose from.
  • Reasonable entry requirements for internationals.

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Part Time
Available Program
Easy PR:
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Institutional Requirements:

  • Copies of SSC, HSC/ O Level, A Level, Bachelor's degrees.
  • Two Letters of recommendation
  • Universities will have a list of documents in application
  • Scoresheet of English language test (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume and Portfolio if applicable
  • Proof of funds
  • Medical tests and immunization records
  • Application and related fees

Visa Requirements:

  • Make a visa appointment online
  • International students need a study permit to study in Cyprus
  • Study visa of Cyprus is issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department of Cyprus
  • Students submit all the documents to university
  • Then the College will apply for a student visa on the behalf of student
  • Proof of enrollment at a university
  • Updated and valid passport
  • Complete signed and printed applcation form and fees
  • Academic and work experience documents
  • No criminal records
  • Medical insurance and health records
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of financial support

Pre-departure Checklist:

  • Check baggage and customs policy
  • Passport
  • Airline tickets
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • The bank statement evidencing the required funds
  • Key addresses and phone numbers
  • Cash or traveler’s cheques
  • Prescriptions for any medication you might be carrying
  • Medical and immunization records
  • Past certificates and transcripts of education
  • Airline tickets
  • Insurance certificates
  • Book airline tickets
  • Purchase travel and health insurance
  • Arrangement of accommodation on arrival
  • Arrangement of transport to home from the airport

Educational Requirements

  • The requirements for admission differ according to university
  • The minimum IELTS score for undergraduate applicants is /li>
  • No band score in IELTS can be less than 5.
  • For Pre-Masters, 3 years of university education is required
  • Based on the program, Greek understanding might be needed
  • Grade requirements vary depending on the university

Application Procedure:

  • Explore university and course options & contact them
  • Academic year is divided in autumn and spring semester
  • Students can apply for either semesters
  • Register for and take the requisite exams like IELTS or equivalent
  • Write Statement of Purpose
  • Get letters of recommendation
  • Complete application form and all relevant paperwork
  • If available, partake in interviews
  • Once accepted, start the visa application
  • Once you accept an offer and pay tuition fees, you can apply for visa

How to Apply

  • 1

    Explore university and course options & Contact the shortlisted institutes for relevant information

  • 2

    Register for and take the requisite entrance exams (IELTS/PTE/GMAT/SAT/GRE, etc.)

  • 3

    Write your Statement of Purpose (SOP) + Acquire the Letters of Recommendation (LOR) + Begin applications

  • 4

    Partake in video/phone interview + Once accepted by an institution, start applying for your visa